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“Dan has devised one of the only truly groundbreaking innovations in information architecture over the past twenty years

The Data Vault should be considered as a potential standard for RDBMS-based analytic data management by organizations looking to achieve a high degree of flexibility, performance and openness …”

Doug Laney, Deloitte Analytics Institute

“The Data Vault is a foundationally strong and an exceptionally scalable architecture …”

Stephen Brobst

CTO, Teradata

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"Data Vault modeling combines the best of 3NF and Dimensional modeling to allow building fast, flexible, reliable and modular Data Warehouses.

This book answers the what, how & why questions of Data Warehousing"

"The Data Vault is the most important innovation in data warehousing since the legendary Inmon-Kimball debate"

This should be called the “Foundational Warehouse Model”, and it looks to be a solid implementation paradigm that’s highly scalable


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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Terminology

Chapter 2 – Architectural Definitions

Chapter 3 – Common Attributes

Chapter 4 – Hub Entities

Chapter 5 – Link Entities

Chapter 6 – Satellite Entities

Chapter 7 – Query Assistant Tables

Chapter 8 – Reference Tables

Chapter 9 – Conclusions

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This book does NOT touch on any topics that are DV 2.0. It’s strictly DV 1.0 and data modeling focused. However, you do get a bonus DV 2.0 document on hashing in the members area

Does this cover Data Vault 2.0

Tom Bruer

Clive Finklestein

“This book captures a practical body of knowledge for data warehouse development which both agile and traditional practitioners will benefit from. I keep a copy on my iPad so that I have ready access to it when working with clients. ‘Nuff said….”

Scott W Ambler, Author Of Agile Modeling, 

Agile Database Technologies and Several Other Books

"Data Vault represents the most important and most basic design technique for integrity of data and auditability of data in the data warehouse environment. Built on a DW 2.0 foundation, Data Vault advances the state of the art for data base design for those organizations where auditability of data is an issue.

In addition data vault allows the organization to manage data whose semantics and structure change over time. Classical data base design approaches have required a redefinition and a reorganization of data every time there is a need for a structural change in data.

But with data vault you can change your data structures gracefully over time, thus saving data base administration time and machine resources required for data unload/reload"

Bill Inmon, The father 

of Data Warehousing